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MJIMS & Hospital offers doctors and patients cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical solutions. In many cases, we represent the first of its kind in the region and are fully geared in terms of technology and medical set-up.

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Encompassing 1.5 lakh sq ft of space spread over 6 floors and 2 basements. Its ‘intelligent framework’ allows for hospital staff to optimise utilisation of space and resources.

Accommodates 300+ inpatient beds, allows optimal utilisation of resources and ensures privacy, dignity, comfort, convenience and the best healthcare to every patient.

Critical care unit is with 50+ ICU beds with a unique feature of laminar air supply that keeps the critical care area free of any kind of contamination and infection.

Movement in the hospital is managed by 2 elevators; with a dedicated elevator ensure quick transfer of patients to Operation Rooms and ICUs.

"Saving & Enriching Lives"

“To be a globally respected healthcare organisation known for Clinical Excellence and Distinctive Patient Care”


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